What Prevents You From Being a Better Artist?

You may be struggling with the four common “curses”

that torment many beginning artists.

Do any of these describe you?..

  • You get really frustrated when you spend too much time on little details.

    The world is visually complex and full of details. Page 3 of my Free ebook tells you how to focus on the things that excite you and ignore the garbage details.

  • You are often super critical of yourself and your art.

    Being your own worst critic can blind you to what you do well. Page 5 of my ebook explains how to stop this self-sabotage and begin to quiet your Inner Critic.

  • You often feel you lack confidence and creativity.

    Creativity is a learned skill. Page 7 of my Free ebook shows you how making a few simple decisions can grow both creativity and confidence at the same time.

  • You often struggle with ideas for what to draw or paint.

    Page 9 of my ebook shows you a great source of ideas for art that will develop your drawing and painting skills, your imagination and your creativity and confidence. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

Start gaining control of these “curses".

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